Best Deal goin’

Girls Ride Free

The best deal for snowboarding right now is at Mount Seymour…. if you’re female. Every Monday night, there’s an event called “Guys Night Out, Girls Ride Free”. You can pick up a pass at Pacific Boarder on West 4th Ave. and a few other locations. Check it out on Seymour’s site for more info. All they ask is you make a small donation to Breast Cancer when you pick up your lift pass. Hey, it’s for a good cause!

On top of that, at the end of the night, if you stop in for a cold beverage at the pub, they are giving away wicked prizes, including a new snowboard! If you haven’t heard about this already, get on it! I just went up Monday with my pal Liz, and it was a blast:)

5 responses to “Best Deal goin’”

  1. Nice to hear you finally went riding:) How was it? Lots of new snow I bet. We’ll have to get up there one of these days.

  2. The snow was beautiful!! Nice and soft…

  3. Hey that’s great that you went out riding, Jan! How was the new board??

    Maybe you can get up there with your brothers one of these days?

  4. Oh, and I love the new design…very cool.

  5. The new board is great, I just need to work on my skillzz. And by the way, I need some help editing the pages on here!

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