Happy Mother’s Day, Momsie

In honour of Mother’s day, I wanted to share some of my favourite moments I’ve had with my Mom. This photo was taken in October of 2006, when my mother and I went on a backpacking trip through France and Italy. I still can’t believe she went backpacking, and neither can my Dad. Above, we were sitting at a little restaurant on the ocean in … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, Momsie

Our Sun Run Interview with Erin Cebula from Global

If you’ve been reading, you probably know that my family – my mother, my two brothers, Jordan and Wesley, and I all ran the Vancouver Sun Run on April 19, 2009. We challenged each other to the race, but also to raise the most money for charity. After completing the run, SatoCanada awarded Wes with a trophy for raising the most for his charity. Also, … Continue reading Our Sun Run Interview with Erin Cebula from Global

The Behan’s are making the Newspaper

On Saturday, Jordan, Wes, and I met at Wes’ place in Burnaby near Metrotown, so a photographer from the Burnaby Newsleader could take our photo. It was horrible rainy weather and we had to take the photos outside, decked out in our running gear. I hope that they turn out! The week previous, each of us were interviewed by reporter Heather Gardiner, because she was … Continue reading The Behan’s are making the Newspaper

Support the Charities in our Challenge

The charities for the “Behan Sibling Sun Run Challenge” have been chosen. If you look atΒ  two of my previous posts, you’ll understand what I am talking about. In short, my brothers and I are competing in the Vancouver Sun Run, but we are also competing to see who can raise the most amount of money for charity before the day of the race (April … Continue reading Support the Charities in our Challenge

The Challenge has Changed..

In reponse to the positive feedback we’ve been receiving, we’ve decided to up the stakes a little in our Behan Sibling Sun Run challenge. Sato Canada (@SatoCanada on Twitter) has offered to award a prize package to the “winner” of our challenge, but now the “winner” will be the person who raises the most money toward the charity of their choice! This way, everyone wins … Continue reading The Challenge has Changed..

The Behan Siblings Sun Run Challenge

Well, it was easier than I thought. All I had to do was publicly challenge my brothers on Twitter to do the Vancouver Sun Run with me (and my Mom, who will be doing her 17th Sun Run or something ridiculous), and, well.. it was just THAT easy! Here’s a look at our Twitter conversation yesterday (February 11, 2009) in chronological order: janismary: I just … Continue reading The Behan Siblings Sun Run Challenge