Prepped for Pemberton

I thought I would write a “before” post, about my trip to the Pemberton Festival, because I’m so damn excited, and also because I haven’t posted something interesting in awhile…

So far, I’ve got the tent and sleeping bag ready, and half the bag and cooler packed. Carly (my roommate) and I did a Costco run last night, and are going to prep some food tonight. We want to bring food that’s easy to eat, like cold pasta salad, buns and cheese, etc. because if we have to cook to eat, we just might starve… or we may forget to eat altogether.

I am feeling a little more organized now, after making a list and checking it twice! Packing, unpacking, and re-packing – yeah, I’m a little excited. And also nervous. I just hope everyone there is in the same frame of mind and just wants to have a wicked good time like me.

To all you festival goers out there, please be safe, but have a ton of fun, too!

P.S. Listen to the line-up here at Last.FM

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