Happy (Belated) Birthday Dad!

I recently came across this picture again in my e-mail, and I thought it was a pretty good picture of my Dad (not that there are ANY bad ones of him). This is right after he bought his first, current, and only Harley Davidson motorcycle, and I don’t think he was even able to ride it at the time, because he was recovering from ACL knee surgery. But he was healthy enough to sit on it and pose for my Mom, who is taking the picture, and so he could show us kids. The subject line in the e-mail from my Mom said, “P.J.’s New Toy.” New toy, indeed. He says it’s more like a love affair.

His love affair with his motorbike has definitely made shopping for Birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day presents very easy. He now has a complete Harley wardrobe, including a new Harley “hoodie” and frosty beer mugs that he received this September 20th on his 57th birthday from his loving children.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this photo, because I happen to think my Dad is pretty darn cool (and I’m feeling rather sappy at the moment). How about you, do you think your Dad is cool?

2 responses to “Happy (Belated) Birthday Dad!”

  1. Yeah, my dad’s pretty cool too ;)

    Will there be a Barcamp post?

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