The Behan’s are making the Newspaper

On Saturday, Jordan, Wes, and I met at Wes’ place in Burnaby near Metrotown, so a photographer from the Burnaby Newsleader could take our photo. It was horrible rainy weather and we had to take the photos outside, decked out in our running gear. I hope that they turn out!

The week previous, each of us were interviewed by reporter Heather Gardiner, because she was interested in our Behan Family Vancouver Sun Run challenge. Something that started out as a friendly challenge (because I thought both Jord and Wes were going to say no to me!), has snowballed into something greater and even more interesting than I ever imagined. We are not only running the Vancouver Sun Run, but also competing in raising money for charity. You can view my previous post about our charities here and donate to my charity if you wish. We have until the day of the Sun Run, April 19, 2009, to raise money for our respective charities.

Sato Canada has offered a prize to the winner of our challenge, and also to donate to each of the three charities we are supporting. I just love that so many people have shown interest in our little competition, and that these three charities will benefit from our sibling challenge.

Stay tuned for the article on the Behan’s in next Saturday’s Burnaby Newsleader!

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