A Fantastic Birthday

It might be a bit of a self-absorbed topic, but I thought I would write a little blurb about my recent birthday on March 12th. ‘Cuz it was a good one.

I never planned on doing anything crazy for my birthday, because I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, and go and plan my own birthday party or anything. I told my brothers and my sister-in-law that I just wanted to hang out with them (and my nephew) on my birthday, which fell on a Thursday, because that’s what I’ve done for the past couple of years since moving to Vancouver. Well, Alex, my sister-in-law, was going to be away in Reno, and my nephew Jaxon ended up staying at his Grandparents’ that evening – but my roommate Carly, who is actually my cousin, and also a very good friend, decided she wanted to cook dinner for me. (Okay, I think she’s actually my second cousin, or first cousin once removed, but explaining the Behan family is at least a whole other blog post, maybe even a series.)

Chowing down on delicious prawns.
Chowing down on delicious prawns.

So Thursday night, Carly was cooking – a Greek feast, might I add. Her sister Cassidy and boyfriend Greg also came over to help her, but I wasn’t allowed to do anything! There was chicken, prawns, spanakopita, roasted potatoes, greek salad, hummus, tzaziki (sp?) and pitas. YUMMM! My brothers Jordan and Wes, and my friend Emily came for dinner, too. My friend Jerra also stopped by after her practicum to give me a birthday present, and she was just in time for some prawns and dessert (ice cream cake that Jordan brought!).

Jerra and her practicum is a whole other blog post, too. She is taking her Social Services course at Langara, and her practicum involves walking around Vancouver’s Downtown East Side with a backpack, handing out juice, water, clean needles, etc. to youth on the street. She is one amazing chick, you take my word.

It was an amazing dinner all around – good food, good drinks, and great company. And in case I haven’t already thanked Carly enough, I’m going to do it one more time – Thank you!!

Emily & Sheralyn thoroughly enjoying their mani-pedis.

Saturday, March 14th, was my friend Sheralyn’s 30th birthday, and she wanted to go out and have some dinner and drinks. So we did! Actually, Saturday was a pretty action-packed day of girly things. Six of us went for brunch at Glowbal in Yaletown, and then for manicures and pedicures at Pure Nail Bar. We even had a glass of champagne while enjoying our pedicures. Then a quick shopping trip with Emily on the way home, and it was already time to start getting ready to go to V, the new lounge upstairs at Earls Yaletown. Quite a few people came out for this, a combination of both my friends, and Sheralyn’s. It was a blast, to say the least. How about one more “thank you” to all of you who made it possible? Muah! That was one great birthday.

A couple of my favourite gals.
A couple of my favourite gals.
The amazing Carly, and Greg, prawn fisherman extraordinaire.
The amazing Carly, and Greg, prawn fisherman extraordinaire.


3 responses to “A Fantastic Birthday”

  1. I love this post – and I couldn’t agree more, your birthday was a great girl party celebration. What’s better than best friends, brunch, pedicures, champaign and… king kongs?!

    Your birthday should be every weekend!

  2. King Kongs, yes. I somehow forgot to mention that. ;)

  3. Yer old. :) Next time Jaxon will be there, promise.

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