V @ Earls Yaletown – Grand Opening Party

Last night I was one of the lucky folks who got an invite to the grand opening party for V, which is the new vodka lounge located upstairs at Earls Yaletown. My friend Amanda is the Marketing Manager there, and she was kind enough to extend the invitation to some of her family and friends.

So first of all, from the moment I got there, I was impressed. There was a line-up of people to get into the place, but it was roped off and you had to walk the red carpet to get in. The guys greeting you on the carpet were in suits or tuxes and the girls were in cocktail dresses. They checked your name off the guest list, checked your coat for you, and you were in – free drink tickets in hand. All very efficient and professional. So far, so good.

The Ciroc Ice Bar
The Ciroc Ice Bar

Next stop, the bar. There were ice bars (completely made of ice) in every corner of the place – upstairs and downstairs. I thought the party was only going to be held in the upstairs lounge, but they had closed off the entire restaurant for the party, and it was full of people. Each ice bar was serving a different type of vodka. We tried the Ciroc straight-up vodka martini first, but later found our way to the Ketel 1 bar. Here you could get a straight-up martini, but add the fruit of your choice. I tried one with blood orange, key lime, and strawberry, and later one with crushed raspberries. You could also choose from things like lemongrass, ginger, or basil. Delicious!

The sweetest bartender!
The sweetest bartender!
Em and her martini

I can’t forget the food. There was a table with some crostini, fruit and cheese platters, and the best triple cream brie I’ve ever tasted. They also had servers wandering around with hors d’oeuvres. My friend Carly was waiting all night for the tuna sliders (they look like mini hamburgers but they have tuna in them), but the closest she got was a crab slider. I think my friend Erin said it best: “Martinis, men and mini tuna burgers are a magical combo.” She’s right!

The gals
The gals

All in all, it was a great evening. Everyone I was with had a fun time. Good job V, and thank you, Amanda!

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