Photoshoot with Cheech

My friend Cheech is a personal trainer, and he wants to start putting together a portfolio, and he asked me to take a few pictures of him to get started. I was very happy to do it for him, because I am really starting to love my camera and I feel like I am learning something new every time I use it.

So we spent Saturday afternoon taking a few shots on his beautiful rooftop patio in Kits, and then we wandered down to a quiet spot on Kits beach for a few more. It was an awesome day for it; absolutely gorgeous weather. Looking back now, though, I wished I had a shield for the sun, because there are a lot of shadows in the photos.  Oh well, maybe next time.

I really had a ton of fun doing these photos, and I hope Cheech did, too. It wasn’t exactly hard to take a good photo of this guy. Anyway, here a few of my favourites below.

You can view the rest of the set and the full size photos here.

2 responses to “Photoshoot with Cheech”

  1. Hi Janis,

    Great photos and a great blog!

    Cheers, Jason.

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