Maternity Photography: Baby H

I am not taking up photography full time or anything, but I do enjoy taking photos for friends once in awhile. In my latest trip to my hometown of Powell River, I took some photos of my best friend, Jerra (and her husband Dale), who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.

I put together some of my favourite shots into a little collage.

I can’t wait until Baby H arrives, and I get to meet her finally. Judging by her parents, she’s going to be drop-dead gorgeous! I could have taken photos all day. It was so beautiful out, and Jerra is unbelievably photogenic. And that is just the cutest belly ever.

The rest of the photo set is here. Feel free to take a gander and give me some feedback as well, as I am just learning by doing here with the whole photography thing.

3 responses to “Maternity Photography: Baby H”

  1. Your shots look great!

    I did my first maternity shoot last year too…really depends on what the subjects want…it’s fun to experiment with lots of different shots.

    Looks like you had great subjects, an amazing location and perfect weather…not much to improve upon ;)

  2. Thanks for taking a look, John!

  3. Your shots are nothing shy of greatness, JanJan. Can’t help but think you have some serious talent to explore – looking forward to seeing more of it.

    I also agree with John, the beautiful and willing subjects make the job easier :).

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