Public Speaking Isn’t So Bad After All

It’s been a very long time since I last had to do a presentation in front of people, either at school, or at work. I used to have to do them all the time, not that I enjoyed it one bit.

I go to a lot of conferences, or “unconferences” in Vancouver, but I have never built up the courage to stand up in front of people and just TALK. No way, no how.

So when my friend Brianna asked me (along with my good friend Jerra) to emcee her upcoming wedding, I thought, erm…. well… okay. Because this was different. People didn’t expect me to be an expert on something, and I didn’t have to wow them with my research, or my opinion on some obscure topic. Being a Master of Ceremonies (or Mistress, rather?) is pretty simple, since the itinerary is laid out in advance, and in full detail for you. So, we both agreed to do it, even though I may be considered as the “emotional one” and Jerra is the one with anxiety.

We’re funny, we thought.


Jerra, the bride Brianna, and Myself

Well the time came and went so quickly, I felt I barely had time to prepare. Everything ultimately went off without a hitch, and there was a point when I was saying my few opening words about the newly married couple, where I heard, and even felt, I swear, the entire room, say a collective “Aaawwww…” I immediately had this rush of confidence and thought, “They’re eating it up! I can’t believe it!” They even laughed a few times, too. Who would have thought?

So I guess that’s my point, that public speaking may not be so bad after all. It’s not as terrifying as I remembered it, anyhow. I think I feel as if I’m back in the saddle, so to speak, and possibly ready to take on another challenge. A small one.


My BFF is getting married..

..And she’s doing it in VEGAS!

Myself & Jerra, November 2008
Myself & Jerra, November 2008

Yup, that’s right, I’m going to Las Vegas again… for the third time – and the second time this year. But hey, my best friend is getting married, and I, of course, am in the wedding party!

Originally, my friend Jerra was going to get married here in Vancouver, and even started planning the huge, traditional wedding for approximately 150-200 guests. She soon realized that she hated every second of planning this wedding, because it wasn’t what she wanted. I’m not sure whether it was the number of people that bothered her, all of the planning that had to go into it, or whether she just preferred to have an intimate group of people that she really loved share her special day with her.

Whatever the case, over Christmas she convinced her fiance that a small wedding with less than 50 guests in Las Vegas was the way to go. I couldn’t be more excited!

Although, I have to admit, at first I thought: “Really? Vegas? I mean.. really???” It took a while for Jerra to explain to me that no, she was not going to be married in a wedding chapel, and no, an Elvis impersonator would not be performing the ceremony. She showed me what she had in mind, and it absolutely took my breath away. The ceremony is going to be held at Mandalay Bay, and dinner afterwards will be held at Kahunaville in the Treasure Island hotel.

Mandalay Bay Weddings
Mandalay Bay Weddings

So, plans are in the works right now – booking flights and hotels, planning stags and stagettes, arranging details for the day of the wedding, etc. The wedding is to take place June 7, 2009, and it seems as if that date is creeping closer and faster(!) all the time. I may or may not write another entry closer to the date, but I will most definitely post some photos to share the experience after we get back!