Marathon, here I come!

Well, from the title of the post, you might have guessed it. I am training, with my brother Jordan, to run the Vancouver Marathon. Check out our marathon blog, too, while you’re at it! We have been training since January 2nd, on a very strict schedule. That first day of running was one to remember! We’re over half way through our training now, and today we ran 13 miles, the equivalent of a half marathon! And we did it in the pouring down rain. You gotta love Vancouver.

I can tell you now, my feet, knees and back are hurting like crazy. All I want to do is soak in a hot tub for an hour, take 2 advil, and go to sleep. :) Of course, we’re back at it on Tuesday to run a shorter, 4 mile run. Then Wednesday is 9 miles, and Thursday is 5. It’s these annoying short- to mid-length runs during the week that have gotten us into shape from the beginning.

Anyway, enough about that. Right now, I’m starting a new blog! I figured it was about time. I’m savvy enough now, to figure out how to put things together on a page and make it work, so why not? This is the first post of many, so stay tuned!

3 responses to “Marathon, here I come!”

  1. Awesome first post, champ. I sent you an invite to the marathon blog, too. We can both chronicle our training adventures there.



  2. […] She’s learned a lot about blogging and social media by having to listen to me blather on while we train, but look at what a little smarty-pants she’s become! She’s even built her own blog, and she wrote her first marathon related post there yesterday. […]

  3. Bill, Joanne & Cooper Adams Avatar
    Bill, Joanne & Cooper Adams

    i had a blog once but i went to the doctor and he game me an ointment for it.

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