1 Sleep to go

I can’t imagine I’ll get much sleep tonight, but I’m going to try. My parents get into town today, and I’m going for a big pasta dinner at my Uncle Bill’s and Auntie Joanne’s house tonight. I’m hydrating like crazy and eating like there IS no tomorrow… because tomorrow is the Vancouver International Marathon. I have to stay alive and moving for 42.something kilometres. But … Continue reading 1 Sleep to go

Good Start

Well, it has been a great start to the week. First of all, I ran 20 miles with my brother Jordan yesterday, and I did not die. I’m feeling more positive everyday about this marathon “stuff” (Translation: BAD-ASS hardcore training!). Second of all, the Canucks won Game 3 last night in Dallas, 2-1 in Overtime, creating a 2-1 lead in the series. The best part … Continue reading Good Start