Running over Easter

Not even an Easter long weekend at home in Powell River could have stopped my brother and I from sticking to our rigorous training schedule. We ran a 14 mile /23 km run that took us all over town, up and down hills, through bushes and trails, and also through a lot of different neighbourhoods that brought back a ton of memories. My mom also even came for a short portion of the run with us! (She’s training for her 15th consecutive Vancouver Sun Run) Although we have run longer distances, this run, on different terrain, caused us to be a little more stiff and sore than usual. On the home stretch, my brother Wes caught a few pictures of Jordan and I running up our street. Here’s one of them below:


It was a great weekend in Powell River with the family, even though the ferries almost ruined it on the way up! We had a wicked time coming home, though. Props to Wes for driving like a bat out of hell to get to Langdale on time! First car from Earl’s Cove at the ferry terminal! Way to “Shock the house”, big bro!!

4 responses to “Running over Easter”

  1. I look kind of chubby here…haha. It WAS a great weekend, and I enjoyed running through all of the old neighborhoods, for old times sake.

  2. Hey Janis,
    Great to find this site…
    You and Jordan are my inspiration today… time to get moving.
    I’d love to train with you guys someday.

    Oh ya …’twas too bad I missed you guys at mom’s place that saturday…

    By the way, I shared an equally horrific ferry experience that weekend. I swear, that boat brings out the worst in people.

  3. Hey, thanks for reading, Roy!! I’m glad we inspire you, but sometimes WE need inspiration, too. And we’d love to run with you sometime! Here in Van or in Powell River. Boxing Day is especially good for trying to shed a few of those turkey pounds! Or rum and eggnog pounds….

  4. That first comment (not left by your brother) feels good, eh?

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