Marathon Update… We did it!


Well, for anyone who wants to know… I don’t know if anyone actually reads this thing, but on Sunday May 6th, I ran my first ever FULL marathon with my brother Jordan. We crossed the finish line at 3:53:49, at the exact same time in front of a huge, cheering crowd. I’ve written a detailed story about the experience on our marathon blog and you can check it out here. You can also read about all of our training that we went through to get there. It was one of the best feelings, finishing those 26 miles, dog-tired, and aching at all my joints. Silly, isn’t it? But I’m so glad I did it, and now I’m wondering, when’s the next one? Ha ha, we’ll see, Jord…. Maybe next time we’ll qualify for Boston!

2 responses to “Marathon Update… We did it!”

  1. Good for you! Great work my friend…

    Asher Heimermann

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