The Behan Family Sun Run Results

Well, it’s finally all over and done with. At the time of the start of the race, Wes was our leader in pledges at $770 for the Children’s Miracle Network, and still waiting for one more cheque. Jordan had about $600 for BC Cancer, and I had raised $680 for Wheels in Motion. By the end of day Sunday, though, Jordan had $885 worth of pledges on his page, because of a last-minute very generous donor. In total, we raised about $2400 for charity. Go Team Behan!

Here is a photo of us after the race with all of our prize schwag from SatoCanada. Wes is sporting his New Balance backpack and he is also holding the “Behan Challenge Cup” – his prizes for raising the most amount of money for charity.

Photo credit: SatoCanada on Flickr
Photo credit: SatoCanada on Flickr

Don’t you just love SatoCanada’s elephant mascots? I do.

I guess some of you are wondering how we finished! Well, Jordan and I both crossed the finish line at the same time, at 48:24, with a pace of 4:51/km, placing 2868th and 2869th. Not bad for a run with 50,000 people! Wesley ran most of the way with my Mom and her friend Leslie, finishing at 56:36, while my Mom and her running partner came in at 57:46. Pretty fit family, eh?

Oh and Wes, you said something about finishing in under 50 minutes next year? You better get training!

3 responses to “The Behan Family Sun Run Results”

  1. Jennifer McKenzie Avatar
    Jennifer McKenzie

    Congratulations to all of you. Great job!

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