The Challenge has Changed..

In reponse to the positive feedback we’ve been receiving, we’ve decided to up the stakes a little in our Behan Sibling Sun Run challenge. Sato Canada (@SatoCanada on Twitter) has offered to award a prize package to the “winner” of our challenge, but now the “winner” will be the person who raises the most money toward the charity of their choice! This way, everyone wins … Continue reading The Challenge has Changed..

The Behan Siblings Sun Run Challenge

Well, it was easier than I thought. All I had to do was publicly challenge my brothers on Twitter to do the Vancouver Sun Run with me (and my Mom, who will be doing her 17th Sun Run or something ridiculous), and, well.. it was just THAT easy! Here’s a look at our Twitter conversation yesterday (February 11, 2009) in chronological order: janismary: I just … Continue reading The Behan Siblings Sun Run Challenge