Powtown Post guest post on Vancouver is Awesome

Published on Vancouver Is Awesome

Wow, I have not written anything on here in a long time.

Where did the last four years go?

I hate to use the word “busy,” but it’s most likely because I have been far too busy writing for about three or four other websites. One of them is my day job, the others are my side jobs, and lastly, my passion project: The Powtown Post.

powtown_sunrise_blackThe Powtown Post was started in February 2015, by myself and my two brothers, Jordan and Wesley. We collectively agreed that there were no websites out there that were accurately depicting life in Powell River–our loveable little hometown.

So we set out to create something that we thought was cool, and that we hoped others would think was cool, too. My brother and I even held a strategy session to figure out who our ideal reader was, what the mission of our site would be, and what we would name the website! I’m proud to report that after some brainstorming, I was the one who came up with the name Powtown Post. We thought it was pretty clever, as it was a reference to newspapers that are named things like “The Sun” or “The Post.”

Well, this week held a proud moment for me. Powtown Post had the opportunity to write a guest blog post on VancouverIsAwesome.com, which funnily enough, was a huge inspiration for us when creating The Powtown Post. I wrote the post and received the byline.

Powtown Post guest post on Vancouver is Awesome

Not a huge deal, but it shows how far our little site has come, and I am super proud of it.

Hope you enjoy the Powtown Post blog (I sure do) and the guest post on Vancouver Is Awesome.

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