Good Start

Well, it has been a great start to the week. First of all, I ran 20 miles with my brother Jordan yesterday, and I did not die. I’m feeling more positive everyday about this marathon “stuff” (Translation: BAD-ASS hardcore training!). Second of all, the Canucks won Game 3 last night in Dallas, 2-1 in Overtime, creating a 2-1 lead in the series. The best part was that it was only about 7 minutes into O.T. and not FOUR periods! Thank God for Taylor Pyatt. Oh yes, and the wall, Roberto Luongo. I slept well. And lastly, today was my first day of work as a Marketing Assistant! Yay! I’m a big girl now! I have business cards and everything.:)

Let’s hope it only gets better from here! Ciao!

2 responses to “Good Start”

  1. Congrats on the big first day, Jan! How did it go?

  2. Great first day, easy peasy! No, it was really good. Tomorrow I’m going to lunch with some co-workers for some Pho!

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