The Challenge has Changed..

In reponse to the positive feedback we’ve been receiving, we’ve decided to up the stakes a little in our Behan Sibling Sun Run challenge. Sato Canada (@SatoCanada on Twitter) has offered to award a prize package to the “winner” of our challenge, but now the “winner” will be the person who raises the most money toward the charity of their choice! This way, everyone wins – we all get fit, we do the Sun Run (which will also make my Mom unbelievably happy!), and 3 charities get a bunch of dough$$$. Sato Canada has also offered to give a prize package to our respective charities:

@SatoCanada: “Time for us to raise the stakes. Win or lose we will pledge to donate products to those 3 charities as well! This is exciting”

We will still, of course, keep our little sibling rivalry going, and come April, you will see much more smack talk happening over the the Twitter tubes between @jordanbehan, @wesleybehan, and myself (@janismary) –  but now, we’ve got a lot more work to do before the race!

Updates coming soon on which charities we will be sponsoring. Thanks for reading!

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