Conviction Kitchen Season 2 Wraps Up

For the past 7 or 8 weeks, I have had the pleasure of doing the PR for season 2 of a television show being filmed here in Vancouver called Conviction Kitchen.

We knew it was going to be a big job, but man, am I so glad we went through with it. What a unique experience.

The show Conviction Kitchen is based on a Chef and his wife, Marc Thuet and Biana Zorich, who staff their restaurant with ex-convicts to give them a second chance at life. Not only is there a wonderful program behind this show to help these former offenders get started in a new career, but it’s great television. There is no need to create drama, because in this case, it creates itself.

Media coverage started out slow, with the exclusive first article going to Mia Stainsby of the Vancouver Sun. Then slowly but surely, more coverage started rolling in, and pretty soon the work was doing itself. See for yourself on Google. Marc Thuet + Biana Zorich, the pair who started this fantastic project, were thrilled with the coverage they received here in Vancouver.

We held a media tasting event, where we invited some select media + foodie bloggers to come taste the Conviction menu and cover the event. We also invited some of Vancouver’s top chefs who happen to be close friends with Chef Marc Thuet, and wanted to support his restaurant, and Marc and Biana’s initiative. The food was divine, and the event was well-received by all of those involved.

Media Table

Chef’s Table

Charcuterie & terrine platter

Lindt Chocolate tart

Friday, August 6, Dawn Chubai from Citytv’s Breakfast Television did the morning show on location at Delilah’s Conviction. 20 BT viewers came in for a one-time-only breakfast served by Marc Thuet. Those were 20 very lucky people (plus a few others, myself included). The breakfast served that morning was out of this world.

Myself + Dawn Chubai

Breakfast of champions

Dawn Chubai with Maggie, Zoran, Rhea, Mike, and Cassandra.

This past Saturday, August 7, was the wrap-up party and graduation for the 9 trainees that made it through the 8 weeks of training with Marc and Biana. It was a wonderful party to celebrate the last day of filming, that included a hefty guest list of some of Vancouver’s top local actors, top chefs, and a few friends and family. I have a set on Flickr that include the rest of the photos of some of these events.

Marc giving a speech at the wrap-up party

Congratulations to Marc, Biana, and all of the trainees, for a wonderful and interesting season in Vancouver. I had an amazing time working on this project, as well as experiencing the behind-the-scenes “magic”. Now, here’s hoping Chef Thuet opens one of his famous bakeries in Vancouver. Who needs a waistline, anyway?


Newborn Photography: Baby H

Mama J and Baby H said that I could post a few photos of our little newborn session we did awhile back, so here goes!

My best friend gave birth to the most beautiful little girl on April 26, 2010. I was just dying to take photograph her, so when J asked me to take a few photos for them for a birth announcement, I was beyond excited.

She was supposed to be fast asleep while we were doing the shoot, so we could do cute little angelic-style shots and move her around with her really noticing, but she wasn’t having any of it. “First photoshoot? Of course I’m going to be awake for it!”

So, we made do. Here’s what resulted from our shoot – which by the way, was cut short by J’s little dog running away! We think he was jealous of all of the love for Baby H and wanted some attention of his own, poor guy. Alright, the pictures! Feedback is, of course, always welcome. :)

Okay, so maybe she did fall asleep for a few shots. I love this girl to death! I hope to take many more photos of her, and maybe do another shoot when she’s around 6 months. For practice, of course. ;) I was so delighted to take these shots for my friends and their first born, and I am just pleased as punch that they love them as much as I do. How cute is she, fast asleep on her Dad’s hockey jersey? Congratulations once again, you guys, on your little princess.

Photography & Videos for Alex Lee PR

The past week has been really busy, and I have been pumping out work like crazy. It’s been a very exciting week, though!

On Monday morning bright and early, I joined Alex to accompany Greg Mueller on his Breakfast Television interview.

I took a few behind the scenes shots with my camera, and Alex took some video on her little point-and-shoot. I blogged about it on Greg Mueller’s site, but I thought I would share some of it here. This is the video I put together with our footage.

On Tuesday afternoon, I also accompanied Alex on a photoshoot with Greg. Cole and Jakob from Nordica Photography were doing the shoot, and the lovely Patricia Isaac, of Shine for Men Image Consulting, did the styling.

Once again, I took a bunch of behind the scenes photos, and Alex took some video and I put together a blog post for Greg’s site. It was a really fun and successful day, with our big crew wandering around the alleys of Gastown, and I hope that the photos and video captured that.

If all the work weeks could be like this one, I would be one happy girl!

O Canada!

In honour of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games coming to Vancouver, I thought I should do a blog post somewhat dedicated to the event. I’m getting pretty amped for the Games to start in February, and I thought this might help some of those people who maybe aren’t that excited about the Olympics (yet).

I have had this version of O Canada by Classified running through my head for the past month – I blame my brother Wes, because he posted the link to it on twitter. I downloaded it too, so I hear it on my iPod every once in awhile while I am commuting to and from work on the bus. Nothing gets me pumped up more than hearing O Canada. I’ve always liked it; it gives you a feeling of pride, or even a bit of a chill when you hear it, especially before a hockey game.

I have another version of O Canada in my iTunes by Big Sugar, an instrumental version. This got me thinking, “I wonder how many versions of O Canada I can find.. just on YouTube?” Well, there are a ton, but these are the ones I narrowed down to being the coolest, and most share-worthy.

First things first, here is the one by Classified. I bet it’s going to be stuck in your head, too.

The instrumental version by Big Sugar (the only one with good sound quality I could find):

O Canada – a rock version by the DuBay Band

Sung ‘a cappella’ by a group of boys called the Hojas:

Sarah McLachlan at a Montreal Expo’s game in 1996:

Deborah Cox at the NBA All-Star game in 2008:

Canadian Idol Eva Avila at the Grey Cup in 2006:

We need at least one French/English version, so the obvious choice is Celine Dion (she screws it up at the end!), but there’s no real video, just a bunch of pictures. Boo. It’s all I could find.

And just for fun – Stompin Tom Connors’ Hockey Song, because I’m in that kind of mood:

There you have it folks. Some pretty awesome versions of our National Anthem! Get ready to sing it, and sing it proud in the next couple of weeks, because I’m guessing you might hear it a few times.

Granville Island Night Photowalk

After a pretty lame Saturday, I decided that I better do something productive with my Sunday. So I did. I ran 10.6km at Burnaby Lake with my good friends Liz and Di, and I went for a walk and did some shopping with my friend Sheralyn downtown, taking photos all along the way. I felt like I had been neglecting my camera lately, so I made a promise to myself take it with me more often when I go places. We saw this tree absolutely covered in ladybugs on the way back from our walk. Good thing I had my camera, eh?

So, I had been debating on whether to go on this evening photowalk or not, and finally decided to stop thinking about it and just do it. I’m very glad that I did.

There was a large turnout for it, more than I expected. We met on Granville Island, and there were 3 models there to shoot, which I also wasn’t totally expecting.

I took some shots of one of the models, Barbara, in front of these lights boxes (after some coaxing from Scott) and this is probably my favourite one of the bunch.

Meanwhile, the guys were all shooting using flash triggers, which I don’t have any experience with, but Jeremy loaned me his remote trigger and Peter helped me get the correct settings to get a good shot. He got me to shoot using manual settings, which I’ve never done; I always just shoot in either shutter priority or aperture priority, but this is what these photowalks are for, learning! Below you will see my beautiful subjects for my first “off-camera flash” experience.

Afterwards, we walked around Granville Island a little more and John let me borrow his tripod for some shots. I really have to thank all of these guys. I was pretty intimidated at the beginning, but they sure made me feel welcome. It ended up being a total learning experience for me, and I look forward to more photowalks like this in the future.

Here’s another one of my favourite photos from last night – John showing the models one of the shots on his camera. To view the rest of my photowalk set, click here.

Summer 2009 in Pictures

I have been unbelievably lazy with blogging lately, and I’d like to blame it on being really busy doing fun stuff. Most of my weekends this summer have been spent out of town, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s so nice to get out of the city once in awhile, and to spend time with friends and family.

Anyway, rather than waste my time explaining what I’ve been doing for the past couple months, I thought what better way to write a quick post about everything summer related, than with a bunch of photos that can speak for themselves? They do say a picture speaks a thousand words.

And without further adieu, here is Summer 2009 in pictures:


IMGP3292IMGP3303Dale & Jerra’s wedding in Las Vegas.
(The rest of this set is here.)

IMGP3623Volleyball Saturday’s on Jay’s rooftop.

IMGP3760My running club.


IMGP3785IMGP3790Dale & Jerra’s “Powell River” wedding reception.

IMGP3840IMGP3849Taking a break on the drive up the Sunshine Coast.

IMGP3950What I LOVE about Powell River. Momsie, you da best!

IMG_1799IMG_1819Liz + Chris’ wedding in Powell River.

IMGP4062IMGP4093IMGP4292Our cabin, “Kokanee Cedar,” on Powell Lake, a.k.a. Paradise.


IMGP4318IMGP4429Trip to the Okanagan.

IMG_1922IMG_1924Catching a Canadians game at Nat Bailey stadium.

IMGP4465IMGP4495Pool party at Uncle Bill and Auntie Joanne’s.

IMGP4536IMGP4569Thursday night Urban Rec soccer champs.


IMGP4587IMGP5015_2Wedding shoot in Kelowna with Emily.
(The rest of this set is being updated and is located here.)

Well, that’s it – the highlights, anyway. Here’s hoping that Autumn will bring some more new adventures my way…

Mom to carry the Olympic Torch in 2010!

It’s crazy, but it’s true. My Mom applied to carry the Olympic torch in 2010 – she entered contests, she wrote essays, and finally her hard has work paid off. She got an e-mail confirming that she would indeed be carrying the Olympic torch next year on February 4, 2010 for 400 metres through our hometown of Powell River where she lives, in honour of the Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver. All she has to do is fill out some documents and mail them in, and it’s final!

She e-mailed my brothers, my sister-in-law, and myself, on June 12, 2009 with the subject line “Olympic torch bearer!” You could actually feel her excitement through the e-mail… “I’m jumping up and down!”

We, of course, all responded to her immediately to congratulate her, and then we let the internet know. Jordan thinks that the greatest thing that will come from this, is that my Mom will actually start using Twitter. And she has! A little bit, anyway.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding my Mom and the Olympic torch relay. Us kids have already vowed to make the trip to Powell River in February to watch her carry it proudly, and video her in process, obviously, so we can share it with all of you!

The Challenge has Changed..

In reponse to the positive feedback we’ve been receiving, we’ve decided to up the stakes a little in our Behan Sibling Sun Run challenge. Sato Canada (@SatoCanada on Twitter) has offered to award a prize package to the “winner” of our challenge, but now the “winner” will be the person who raises the most money toward the charity of their choice! This way, everyone wins – we all get fit, we do the Sun Run (which will also make my Mom unbelievably happy!), and 3 charities get a bunch of dough$$$. Sato Canada has also offered to give a prize package to our respective charities:

@SatoCanada: “Time for us to raise the stakes. Win or lose we will pledge to donate products to those 3 charities as well! This is exciting”

We will still, of course, keep our little sibling rivalry going, and come April, you will see much more smack talk happening over the the Twitter tubes between @jordanbehan, @wesleybehan, and myself (@janismary) –  but now, we’ve got a lot more work to do before the race!

Updates coming soon on which charities we will be sponsoring. Thanks for reading!

The Behan Siblings Sun Run Challenge

Well, it was easier than I thought. All I had to do was publicly challenge my brothers on Twitter to do the Vancouver Sun Run with me (and my Mom, who will be doing her 17th Sun Run or something ridiculous), and, well.. it was just THAT easy!

This is the only pic I could find of the 3 of us on Flickr.
This is the only pic I could find of the 3 of us on Flickr. June 2005

Here’s a look at our Twitter conversation yesterday (February 11, 2009) in chronological order:

janismary: I just signed up for the @vancouversunrun and I think @jordanbehan should, too. He he.

jordanbehan: @janismary Sign up for the @vancouversunrun you say, eh? Come out of retirement and try to break my record? Maybe, sis. Maybe.

jordanbehan: @janismary @tylerwilman There will be much training, followed by a good old fashioned sibling ass kicking. I’m in, @vancouversunrun.

janismary: @jordanbehan Now if only I can convince @wesleybehan to do the @vancouversunrun. He might be a tough sell.

jordanbehan @janismary I needed the motivation. @alexleebehan will be thrilled to know I’m running again, esp since it’s just 10k.

janismary: @wesleybehan So, I’ve somehow convinced @jordanbehan to do the @vancouversunrun with me, and we think you should too.

wesleybehan: @janismary What’s the date?

janismary: @wesleybehan April 19. DO IT.

DM from Wes: I better start training. yikes

My DM to Wes: Yaaaay!!!!!! It will be fun, I swear!

janismary: Ahh, the power of persuasion! Just received confirmation that @wesleybehan will be joining @jordanbehan and myself in the @vancouversunrun.

wesleybehan: @janismary off to the gym..

Now, that last one was was the hardest to believe, but it’s true.. he DM’d me later to tell me he ran the treadmill for 15 minutes, which I replied was “a good start.”

So there you have it folks… the challenge is on!

Vegas, January 2009
Update: Found another sibling photo. Vegas, January 2009

Now, to give you a little more background information:

Jordan ran the Sun Run back in 2006 with my Mom and I, and I think he clocked in at around 46:00 minutes or so (help me out, Jord), and I think I was around 48:00 or 49:00. Jordan and I also trained and ran the Vancouver International Marathon together in May of 2007, finishing in a little under 4 hours. (A pretty stellar accomplishment, if I do say so myself! You can read our marathon story here.)

Now, as for Wes, I’m not really sure when the last time he ran was – other than a few laps around the track as captain of the RE/MAX Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay Team in the last couple of years – but he used to be quite the runner back in the day.

And me, well, I try to regularly run 6-10 km, 3 or 4 times a week, but I’m not always consistent. On Saturday I ran 11km at Burnaby Lake in an hour, and the trail was still half covered in snow!

So… what will our times be? Any bets? Who will collapse before they reach the finish line (*cough*Wesley*cough*)?? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

Jord's Marathon running shoes